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Asset owners and pension funds face a serious "governance gap".  Boards are over-stretched and cannot find the Executive or Board-level support that they need in order to succeed.

Investment Governance Services was founded to fill the "governance gap".

We are a team of experts who sit with you on your side of the table giving you access to deep, specialist experience at the right time and in an unbiassed straightforward way.

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Working Together

Our mission

We are independent specialists whose mission is to seamlessly become part of part of your team without the complexity and inflexibility of direct hires. 

We serve our clients and only our clients.  

"I have never come across a client that wants a "boilerplate" solution nor one that wants to be cross-sold onto the next project; that's why we don't do that.  Our sole motivation is to do a great job on the project in hand"

Mike Rogers - Managing Director

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Better governance for better outcomes

Implementation Planning
Finance Consultancy

Executive support to Boards

Access experts who sit in your executive team, available on your terms and without bias

Additional in-house support for your pension scheme:

  • Business as usual or cyclical work

  • Interim cover eg Chief Investment Officer, CEO

  • Project-based eg Buy-in/out; ESG Climate Change and TCFD

  • Expert challenge and scrutiny

Board and Committee membership

Bring industry-leading experience to your Board and Committees

Strengthen your non-executive governance by appointing pensions, investment and actuarial experts.

  • Board, Investment & Funding Committees and IGC appointments

  • Full membership (voting)

  • Co-opted (non-voting)

Review and coaching

Coaching at Board and Executive level to get the best out of your team

Identify gaps in governance or skills and enhance your team with expert coaching.

  • Gap analysis of governance structure and skills matrix

  • Coaching and training to fill governance and skills gaps

  • Coaching for special projects

  • Navigating sponsor and union  negotiations

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Mike has an exceptional skillset. He has outstanding ability on both the asset and liability side, coupled with very strong judgement and communication skills. I don’t know anyone else with a CV containing experience including CIO of a £30bn pension scheme, asset-side and liability-side advising, sales and product design (including structured derivative funds) for an asset manager. He has a charismatic, personable manner whilst efficiently driving for whatever desired outcome is agreed. I would recommend Mike as a leader or senior team member to any pensions, insurance or asset management enterprise.

Andrew Reid - Client

Mike is a fantastic CIO

- when working together he moved forward a complex and very large DC scheme though its DC strategy review, balancing the many stakeholders involved and ensuring real progress was made in key areas, such as incorporating not just E - but S and G too into the strategy and creating bespoke funds to push this agenda forward. I really enjoyed working with Mike - he strikes a great balance between appropriate challenge of me as his advisor and working together getting things done. We always felt like a team and I hope to work with him again in the future - which I think is the strongest recommendation you can give

Laura Myers - Head of DC, Partner LCP

Mike is great at tuning into his client’s needs and developing collaboratively the right solutions for them whatever the issue. Indeed, his diverse experience, natural analytical skills and instinctive desire to do the best he can for his client, make him an ideal colleague for finding the best solutions perhaps particularly in the more complex situations. He will always position his informed comments with insight and sensitivity which makes him, for example, an ideal independent member of an investment committee

Colin Singer - Scheme Actuary

Mike did a brilliant job in taking on the mantle of interim CIO

at a large mutual client, seamlessly plugging into the culture and the trustees’ preferred ways of working. Shortly after arriving, Mike brought together an unwieldy number of ESG workstreams into a unified project with clearly defined objectives and milestones, helping the trustees turn their ambitions on ESG into tangible action. His collaborative approach and focus on getting the right outcome for stakeholders made it feel as if he were a longstanding member of the organisation, which made it a real joy to work together. I’d highly recommend Mike to anyone who needs executive-level cover with a strong balance of technical skills and ability to understand and manage stakeholders

Mathias Rasmussen - Director, Redington

Mike is an accomplished and highly credible investment professional, with excellent knowledge of LDI, asset allocation and scheme governance. He has huge integrity and also happens to be one of the most thoroughly decent people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

George Mortimer - Global Chief Risk Officer for asset management at AON

Mike has an extensive and highly valuable skill set in investments with particular emphasis on working with pension funds.

He is enthusiastic, pragmatic and thoughtful in his advice and work. I was very impressed with his commitment to reach our goals for an engagement project on a set of good governance principles for impact investing. Mike demonstrated his ability to work at the cutting edge with emerging investment approaches and solutions, and to communicate these in a way which resonated with pension funds. I would highly recommend Mike and look forward to working with him in the future

Charlotte Tyrwhitt Drake - CEO Pensions For Purpose

I was extremely lucky in that Mike was my first ever line manager. He was both a brilliant manager and mentor and taught me a huge amount, I'm extremely grateful. Mike's knowledge is extremely broad yet deep at the same time, be it high level investment strategy, risk management/hedging or portfolio construction. As an Actuary Mike was great at understanding the Integrated Risk Management triangle and considering those risks which might often slip between the gaps of investment and actuarial work, e.g. longevity and differences between investment benchmarks and actuarial liabilities. Mike always puts the interests of his clients first, e.g. driving forward projects in relation to buy-in/buy-out, and is a great role model. Mike also has the courage to propose/implement very significant changes in strategy, for example back in 2011 I remember increasing liability hedging levels up towards 100% for our fiduciary clients (from a very low base); whilst its common place now it definitely wasn't back then and his clients immensely benefited from this!

Ian Blake - Colleague

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